Emptying my Pocket, Vol. 1

Do you know Pocket? It’s a great tool if you need one single place to collect everything you want to read later, but don’t have time at the point of stumbling upon it. Or, purely hypothetically speaking, if you are perhaps easily distracted and feel better when just “pocket-ing” something as opposed to giving in to the distraction. Either way, I’ll empty my Pocket from time to time on here – maybe you’ll find something to put in your own.

  • I don’t think I’d want to restrict myself to only using copious amounts of coconut during the holiday season. That’s why I’ll make those coconut balls anyway.
  • I heart Lena Dunham and Girls, and reading. All rolled into one in Lena’s ideal bookshelf.
  • Even January here in Florida calls for comfort food. I want all those risottos!
  • Camouflage artist Liu Bolin is pretty amazing at, well, hiding.
  • Joy doesn’t only come up with yummy cakes and cookies, she knows her smoothies, too.
  • As a stereotypical Swiss person, I need this.
  • I love Luisa’s writing, and have just bought a bag of black lentils. Cue Black lentil soup.
  • Can’t hurt to add a couple Mountain Goats shows to your library: the Mountain Goats live at Castro Theatre and at the Vic Theatre (I was at the latter and it was bonkers amazing).
  • And, last but not least, as always, I can feel my travel bug. What’s your must-go trip recommendation for 2013?

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