Emptying my Pocket, Vol. 3

These pocket posts can’t exclusively showcase my gluttony, so I’ll limit myself to five food links this time and then pretend that I have at least five other interests.

  1. Spring, made into tiny rhubarb tartlets. (Bonus: rhubarb mojito.)
  2. I’m infamous for using pineapple in the weirdest (but most delicious!) ways (on pizza, to dip in cheese fondue, etc). Looks like I can add one more to my repertoire: pineapple cucumber gazpacho.
  3. I’m sure that including Chai spices in something makes it instantly healthy. Even ice cream.
  4. Whenever I have a bunch of some legumes I want to use up, I consult Heidi’s recipe index. The other day, I made this delicious green lentil soup.
  5. One of those “I’ve been doing it all wrong then” realisations: how to get perfectly browned tofu.
  6. Even though my last phone (a Galaxy SII) was destroyed by some random malware, I decided to make a Galaxy SII Plus my new smartphone of choice. So I figured it wouldn’t hurt to learn how Samsung became the world’s #1 smartphone maker.
  7. What’s it like to be a brain surgeon? What are the challenges in being a bikini waxer? 15 people reveal their job secrets – fun and insightful.
  8. Incredible: twins separated at birth find each other over social media.
  9. You had me at “abandoned places”. I particularly love number 2, 8 and 21.
  10. Especially interesting after returning home: Miami, my way.
  11. This is not so far from a lot of the language coming from me (in my head only, obvs): a fuckton of potassium.
  12. On the “to try out” list: the scientific 7-minute workout.
  13. This is absolutely hilarious.
  14. A pretty DIY that even I as a very non-DIY-talented gal could do (at least I like to think so).
  15. And, because we all don’t spend enough time on the internets: the best 140 Twitter feeds of all time (incl. the Mountain Goats!)

2 thoughts on “Emptying my Pocket, Vol. 3

  1. Oh man, so much good stuff here! My mind is seriously blown by the twins thing. Can’t wait to see that documentary when they finish it. All five food links are awesome and I especially needed the ones on tofu and lentils!

    P.s. – I’ve been doing that 7 minute workout, but it’s basically useless unless you do it at least 3 times through. I knew 7 minutes was WAY too good to be true!

    • Thanks for commenting, Beckie! I love your blog :)

      And cheers for the workout heads-up, it indeed sounded too good to be true…

      Have a great weekend!

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