Emptying my Pocket, Vol. 5

At the market the other day

In the past year, I’ve written 18 posts on this blog (clearly, not enough. Resolution #1 for 2014, here you are!)

I have boarded 16 planes (this, on the other hand, seems sufficient).

And, in the spirit of random thoughts, here are 14 links I’ve pocketed.

1) I need this chair (these chairs?) (minus the pricetag).

2) Seeing these all over the internets and now want at least one (I’m looking at you, clamp spotlight).

3) Bill Callahan, live. So. good. He’ll play Switzerland in February. In the same venue, I’ll see Okkervil River this Thursday, which, yay!

4) Sprouted Kitchen has a penchant for turning seemingly boring health food into the most delicious, surprising dishes: Quinoa cauliflower patties.

5) Another good option for a bright, simple dinner: Indian Style Tofu and Bean Sprout Braise.

6) From the looks of it, I probably saved this in summer (the date confirms the suspicion).

7) 21 albums to watch this fall (most of them have been released already. And, going through this again, most don’t really interest me?)

8) I added this IFTTT to my feedly a while ago, but have hardly ever read the articles. Must change!

9) Oops, you just hired the wrong hitman.

10) Love this: rainbow pencils

11) I’ve been really enjoying Brian’s photos for 5 o’clock mag. This series is especially charming.

12) Tokyo’s best kept secrets – most of them will have to wait until next time, as we were busy just taking in not-so-secret sights. I’m still processing it all, but will start posting about our trip soon, hopefully.

13) Haven’t made my mind up about whether I love or hate this.

14) And just one of the many incredible photos on this blog.


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