Arriving in Tokyo

In autumn 2013, I took a 17-day trip to Japan – starting in Tokyo, spending some time in the Japanese alps, on to Kyoto, up to Koyasan, down to Hiroshima, over to Miyajima and back to Tokyo.

We arrived in Tokyo red-eyed and jet-lagged, but also exhilarated by the city from the very first second. After a power nap at Andon Ryokan, where we stayed for three nights (thoroughly recommended!), we set out to explore our neighborhood. First, we walked to Asakusa to visit beautiful Senso-ji (Tokyo’s oldest temple). Never having been to Japan (or Asia at all, in fact), we were obviously endlessly fascinated by, well, everything.  After a couple hours, we had worked up quite an appetite and dined at Daikokuya, a tiny tempura restaurant. We chose a variety of small dishes as well as a set menu – my favorite was nasu-no-shigiyaki (eggplants smothered in a rich miso sauce). The below were shot with a Fuji X20 (more photos over on flickr).

The street where our hotel was located in.

Colorful lampions on the main street close-by.

Instant love for Tokyo’s backstreets.

Cute icons everywhere – including traffic signs.

Asakusa street.

An indoor mall at dusk.

I want all of the things (especially that store sign).


Colorful bike stand.



Lamps around Senso-Ji.

Even public toilets are nice, in and outside.


One for the seafood lovers (not me).

Common in Japan: a few pieces of fruit for dessert.

Walking “home” afterwards.


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