It’s a Wrap

2013 included a move across continents and within cities, 5 concerts in small venues and about 500 at a festival in Portugal, sending off good friends for big trips around the world (they’ve all returned safe and full of stories since), hiking up many a Swiss hill, driving down Highway #1, sipping 30-year old port wine in Portugal’s Douro valley, attending a very glamorous London wedding, and exploring Japan to the max.


Starting the year in D.C.

A Key West road trip

Beautiful Curacao


Park Slope weekend.

Instant love for SF.

Highway #1 vistas.


The Venetian pool.

Fairchild Tropical Gardens

Not the worst conference venue.


First photo back home.


One of many walks in April.


Working for TV for a couple days.

Birthday trip to Bad Ragaz.

Preparation for Portugal.


Sunny festivals are the best.

Especially if followed by trips to the Douro valley.

Goodbye drinks.


Gorgeous hike.

Seal cute overload.

Pretty house on another hike.


1 August fireworks.

Probably my favorite hike of the year.

Yummy summer eats.


I have a soft spot for Notting Hill.

Arriving in Manchester <3.

Overcast, but still beautiful.


Mountain goats.

Mountain Goats

Kyoto, one of many Japan highlights.


A new-to-me brunch place at home.

Autumn fair.

Gorgeous basel mornings.


Seeing the Matterhorn in the snow for the first time.

Another first: Bar Rouge

Picking up a bff in Zurich


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