Hiking my Hood: Mont Soleil to Mont Crosin

Hiking my Hood is a series of posts that brag talk about how I’m surrounded by beautiful scenery and endless possibilities for exhausting hikes. “My hood” is loosely defined as Switzerland.

While I love that this winter has been exceptionally mild, I’ve never said no to a snowy stroll in perfect weather either. That’s what this walk from Mont Soleil to Mont Crosin is, really – a stroll, not a proper, sweat-inducing, totally-exhausted-by-the-end-of-it, hike. Which is fine, seeing that Sundays ideally are for resting and recharging.

The stroll starts up on Mont Soleil, an easy funicular ride away from St. Imier. The first twenty minutes are probably the most taxing, upwards through the snow. Once up, you’ll notice a huge solar power plant (sadly, no pics of that) – it’s the biggest you’ll find in all of Switzerland (the mountain was aptly named Mont Soleil before that, though). After that, it’s basically a flat-ish walk with views that easily qualify as eye-candy.

The main energy producing structures that you’ll notice again and again are gigantic wind turbines, all part of a big wind plant stretching all the way to Mont Crosin. They made the Sunday stroll through fantastic Jura landscapes extra special.

And it’s not like a really long affair, either – if you walk at a leisurely pace, you’ll get to Mont Crosin in around 2 hours. From there, you can get a bus back to Tramelan or St. Imier and make your way back home. Check the schedule beforehand, though – there’s about 2 buses a day (especially on Sunday). No biggie, though, when you consider the restaurant right next to the stop (and the beautiful evening light, see below). More shots over on flickr.


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