Cinque Terre, Part 1: La Spezia

Cinque Terre is a stretch of coast in Northern Italy, consisting of five (hence the cinque in there) villages set dramatically agains the Ligurian mountains and vineyards. To put it simply, it’s a piece of paradise. We spent three nights in the region and had two full, glorious days at our disposal to soak up the perfect weather. We spent our time hiking a bunch, making up for that by having anything between one and three gelatos a day, as well as enjoying classic Italian fare (e vino).

We stayed in a village outside of the five “official” ones: La Spezia. We found the town to be a refreshingly authentic break from the cute, but naturally touristy five villages. As for accommodation, I can highly recommend Hotel Crismar – the owners are incredibly sweet and helpful, and the location couldn’t be better (smack dab in the historic center, and only about a 5 minute walk from the station). We spent our first morning exploring the alleys of La Spezia as well as its market. On the third day, just before hopping on the train back to Switzerland, we took a freestyle-hike within the town and climbed to the top of a hill for some great views.

More photos over on flickr, with part 2 and 3 (featuring some gorgeous hiking routes) to follow soon.


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