Instagramming Alpstein Adventures

Whenever I’m on a hike, I love to document the adventure on my beloved compact camera or any of my analogue beauties. However, when you’re scaling a cliff (ok, I’m exaggerating) and need to hang on to a rope (and your dear life), the camera stays tucked into the backpack, and I just grab my phone. This also helps with catching your breath, because, as you might suspect, almost-vertical hiking tends to be exhausting. That’s what happened this past weekend on the ascent from Messmer to Ageteplatte, in the Swiss region of Alpstein. Down where you start out, you can’t even see where you’re supposed to be going – there is no discernible path, and what you’re getting yourself into is more akin to a climb than a hike.

I do want to point out though that the hike we did that day (Ebenalp – Schäfler – Messmer – Ageteplatte – Meglisalp – Seealpsee) never felt “truly” dangerous or risky. There were steel ropes in all the right places, and if you have a little bit of experience with hiking (and are not afraid of heights!), you should be fine. Another post on the whole hike will follow soon – for now, let the #igTravelThursday photos speak for themselves…

Where you start out your hike – the wall right next to the Messmer restaurant.

#switzerland #appenzell #alpstein #meglisalp #agetenplatte #hike

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I don’t even know how we continued the path from there.

#switzerland #alpstein #appenzell #hike #mountains #igTravelThursday

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Vertigo inducing.

#switzerland #hike #alpstein #appenzell #mountains #igTravelThursday

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Surrounded by mountains.

Surrounded #switzerland #hike #alpstein #appenzell #igTravelThursday

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The view down from the top.

#yepthatsthepath #notforthefaintofheart #vertigo #appenzell #alpstein #switzerland #hike

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#switzerland #hike #alpstein #appenzell #igTravelThursday

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