5 Lakes in 5 Hours

I realize that this blog should probably be renamed to whatamentalhikingcabaret.wordpress.com, and have “every step is a little bit further” as its tag line. Who can blame me, though? Autumn weather has been everything I’ve hoped for, so for the past three weekends, hiking was a very satisfying and memorable option to pass one’s time.

This last Sunday, we tackled a “classic” of Swiss hiking: the 5 lake hike (not to be confused with the 4 lake hike, another classic we did last summer) in the Pizol region. The trip starts at the Pizolbahn station in Wangs. What follows is a great half hour (use it to relax, soon, you’ll be breathing quite hard) up in the air, first, in a cable car, then, on two different chairlifts.

I’ll recount the whole hike in more detail later – today, let’s focus on the core of the matter, the 5 lakes that gave the hike its name.

Unfortunately, we missed the first lake. Unbeknownst to us, you could see the first lake – Wangsersee – at the start of your hike, after exiting the chairlift at Pizolhütte. It’d be to your left – the path, though, decidedly leads up the mountain to the right, so we missed that one.

After the first ascent, you arrive at Wildsee, a majestic lake with views of the Pizol glacier.

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Then, a stony path takes you down to beautiful Schottensee, an ideal lunch spot. Some people even went for a (albeit very quick) swim! I would have probably had a heart attack.

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#switzerland #5lakestrail #5seenwanderung #hike #igTravelThursday #pizol

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Lake number four is Schwarzsee, which, however, appeared to be quite gorgeously turqouise.

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And, finally, about 50 minutes from your end goal, you get to Baschalvasee.

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After almost 5 hours, we arrived at Gaffia, the stop where we got off the first chairlift on the way up. I’d recommend doing this hike on a weekday, as the path will presumably be less crowded.


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