Mountain lake bucket list: 10 natural pools I want to see this summer

I’ve seen some pretty spectacular mountain lakes in Switzerland, most notably the ones on the four and five lake hikes, and many in the Alpstein area. Recently, I keep seeing lakes on Instagram that I want to go to this summer, so I figured it made sense to compile them for this month’s Instagram Travel Thursday. I’d be very happy to get some recommendations from you guys, too! Let the mountain lake galore begin. PS – the “cover photo” of this post is a lake I saw just last weekend, up on Kreuzboden in the Saas valley in Valais. Good stuff!

1) Oeschinensee

What a beautiful day #oeschinensee #bärneroberland

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Accompanying hike: Rundwanderung Heuberg

2) Blausee


Accompanying hike: Kandersteg – Blausee – Frutigen

3) Klöntalersee

|| l.a.k.e v.i.e.w ||

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Accompanying hike: Obersee – Lachengrat – Klöntalersee

4) Crestasee


Accompanying hike: 4-See-Wanderung, which will also lead to dreamy Caumasee

5) Lac de Derborence

back then at #derborence #switzerland 🏡

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Accompanying hike: Derborence – Le Godey – Derborence

6) Stellisee


Accompanying hike: 5-Seen-Wanderung around Zermatt

7) Murgseen


Accompanying hike: Murgseen Rundtour

8) Lauenensee


Accompanying hike: Wispile – Lauenensee

9) Lungernsee


Accompanying hike: Lungern – Brünigpass – Lungern

10) Arnisee


Accompanying hike: Gurtnellen – Arnisee

Here’s a map of all these beauties:


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