10 Sydney beaches and pools

My first few weeks in Sydney have gone by in a flash. Being in a new environment and exploring is always a bit of a sensory overload, so I often sought out the calm-inducing environment of the ocean on weekends. In no particular order, these are some of the pools and beaches that I’ve seen so far. Tip of the hat to Mel’s map of swimming spots, which was really useful for getting started. All pics are iPhone, my film and my cameras are currently in a container ship, which might or might not make its way to this hemisphere at some point…

1) Bondi Icebergs

A classic. I’d been longing to see this pool and went there almost immediately. Even though I knew what was coming, it still blew me away. This has to be the most scenic swimming pool ever!


2) Tamarama Beach
I just loved the walk around this one (and stopping for a water break when walking from Bondi down to Coogee).
3) Bronte Beach & Pool
No further explanation needed. Just beautiful! I’d love to pay it a visit early on a weekday morning.
4) Clovelly Beach & Pool
At first, I was a bit unsure about the concrete, but it seems like a lovely spot to swim (and the food in the cafe hit the spot, too).
5) Maroubra Rock Pool
Completely surprised by this one! We were just walking along the coast from Coogee when this beauty showed up. Bonus: ginger lemonade sold from a van on the parking lot up the road.
6) Shelly Beach
Even though it was also crowded, I much preferred this to nearby Manly Beach. Loads of people were snorkeling, so that’s probably a good thing to try there.
7) Coogee Beach
I’m quite fond of this beach in general, so it gets its own, separate mention. It has everything from rock pools to shady spots and excellent food options.
8) Camp Cove
Loved this. Feels “residential” and “holiday-y” to me, as it’s backed by lovely Watsons Bay homes. IMG_6927
9) McIvers Baths
An amazing, quiet (ladies only) spot. IMG_7087
10) Giles Baths
I only saw this after having been around Coogee a couple times. Can’t believe I’d missed it, this is such a great, natural-feeling pool.
Here’s to a few more summery weeks!

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